Bespoke 1-to-1 tutorials receive excellent feedback

The Zoom-based 1-to-1 workshops with Rob have been running since October, and although advertised as an “Introduction to Composite Photography” training, a significant proportion of people who have received the workshop have been more advanced in their existing skill levels. Due to the flexibility of the workshop structure, it has been possible, in each case, to adapt the content for ech person's individual needs and abilities. The workshops have been receiving consistent positive feedback. Rob has been commended for his “very clear and easy-to-understand” teaching style, his “patience”, his “sense of fun” and his ability to match the pace of his teaching to the learning style of the photographer. Many people have commented on just how much they have learned in a single day, and all have been impressed at how well the workshop fits the Zoom-based format. Take a look at the ‘Testimonials’ page for a recent selection of comments.