I booked a 1:1 workshop with Rob having seen his and Sharon’s presentation on composite photography which is something I’d aspired to but my efforts had always fallen way short of the mark. The day whizzed past – time flies when you are having fun and Rob certainly made the day hugely enjoyable as well as very instructive and interesting. Rob has a wonderful way of teaching, his style is easy going as well as teaching with clarity, interest and expertise and I really enjoyed my day. I came away with a new set of skills and renewed enthusiasm for putting them into practice. Thank you so much Rob – (Val Brierley).

Having been doing creative photography for some time with mixed result the images came together more by good luck than skill. I always found getting the perspective and colour balancing correct to be the difficult part. I was fortunate to be in the audience for a presentation given by Robert & Sharon Prenton Jones about creative photography and over the course of their presentation they said they did workshops and one-to-one day courses via Zoom. The following day I gave Robert a call followed by a Zoom meeting to discuss how he could help me and after sending him some of my images for him to view a plan was put together for a one day course via Zoom to help improve my work and explain perspective etc. His teaching method are very clear and easy to understand. I found the whole day very enjoyable and learned a lot of new techniques to help in my creative images. I now look forward to when I can attend one of their face to face workshops - if they’re as good as the Zoom course I think I will be in for a great day –(Gerald Chamberlin DPAGB, EFIAP).

Thanks a million for a brilliant bespoke Photoshop workshop last weekend. I have a good knowledge of Composite Photography and have won lots of awards for my work. I had the privilege of receiving a talk from Robert and Sharon at our club a couple of weeks ago. So, I decided to contact Rob as I need to brush up on some of my Photoshop techniques. I had an initial meeting with Rob over Zoom where we discussed my requirements. I also sent Rob a list of the various training requirements and techniques that I wanted to concentrate during the training. The training on the day was really excellent and Rob worked at a steady pace that was so easy for me to understand his techniques and his great non-destructive workflow. We got through all of my list of training needs and this will make my workflow much easier and also give me a much better understanding of good composite photography. Rob is a really nice guy and we had a great time working together on the day. I would highly recommend Rob for this type of workshop which works so well over Zoom - (Seamus Mulcahy).

I enjoyed the first ‘Introduction to Composite Photography workshop so much that I did a follow-up, one-day course with Rob Prenton Jones too. This was another ZOOM meeting, which is ideal in these days of lockdown, as there is a one-to-one situation with no distractions and you can discuss all and any Photoshop issues which you might have. We covered a wide range of topics and Rob explained them in a very clear and easy-to-understand way. He has a very relaxed teaching style, which allows you the freedom to ask any detailed questions concerning Photoshop, which text books and YouTube videos may not explain simply. As this was a follow-up course, the Syllabus was mainly defined by me. This made the day very relevant to what I’m trying to achieve at the moment, and I got a great deal out of it. Like the first course, there are handouts to cover the ‘How to’ aspects of Photoshop. We covered a lot more technical aspects of Photoshop and photographic concepts this time too. In summary, I would say that this was another very well spent day with Rob. I would recommend these one-day workshops to anybody who needs to be able to use Photoshop correctly. Thanks again, Rob - a highly valuable, fun day which has been extremely useful already - (Ian Gunning).

I have just had a 1-1 workshop session with Rob, and I found this extremely useful. I have never delved into composite photography but was interested after seeing a brilliant zoom talk by Rob and Sharon for our camera club a couple of weeks previous. I learnt so much on the day and more and cannot thank Rob enough for explaining how to do this in such an easy to understand and patient way. We worked through each stage until I got my head round it! It actually worked really well with Zoom because we could share screens and he could see what I was attempting to do. I got some printed info sheets as well to help me remember all we had covered. Rob contacted me in advance and asked what I would like to cover on the day then I sent him some of my photographs that I wanted to use for the session. I would highly recommend anyone to do the ‘Introduction to Composite Photography’. I can’t emphasise enough how it has helped me to understand layers and many other areas of Photoshop. Can’t wait to get myself going now with this. Thank you so much Rob! – (Elise Garland).

I had the pleasure of a bespoke 1:1 training day with Rob Prenton Jones in January 2021. I would have reasonable photoshop skills, being able to produce the edits I need for my work. However, my knowledge of composites, techniques and short cuts is extremely limited. After an initial consultation with Rob, he planned our day and the session moved at the perfect pace to allow me watch Robs screen, take notes on what we were doing, and then put into practice myself, what I had just watched. In the morning we used Robs images to make a composite, and after a quick lunch break, we then concentrated on my own images. Switching from Rob's screen to my own screen, was seamless and, despite not being a Zoom fan, this session ticked every box on my ‘to learn’ list in the comfort of my own home. As we moved from image to image, Rob demonstrated many features I never knew existed. I would recommend Rob and Sharon 100% and would actually agree that this session worked better via zoom, than actually being there in person - (Ollie Quinn).

Rob - thanks a million for a great, fun day of learning! I cannot believe how much ground we covered in one day. Your teaching style is very relaxed, but we still went through all the topics which I needed to and more. I am not an expert in Photoshop, however, you explained everything concisely and in a way which was easy to follow. The keyboard shortcuts will be very useful too. I learnt so much more than I expected to. There was time for me to practice the techniques being demonstrated on the course, which was useful. You took time during the day to explain any gaps in my Photoshop knowledge, which was very much appreciated. There are also printed notes which back up the major topics on the course. Overall, it was a fun and I really enjoyed the day. Due to current restrictions, it was delivered over ZOOM - but that was not an issue, as the course is very much centred upon individual learning needs. This "Introduction to Composite Photography" course was definitely great value for money and I will be recommending it to others in the future - (Ian Gunning).

I have just completed the very enjoyable "Introduction to Composite Photography" on Zoom with Rob Jones. It was fun and informative. The contact that we had in advance of the session ensured that we could make the maximum use of the available time and that the day was structured around my particular needs and abilities. Time was allocated to allow me to practice some of the techniques to ensure that I had understood them. Rob explained everything very clearly and was happy to make some adjustments to the programme if a gap in my knowledge was identified as we went along. The session was backed up by some good notes that were supplied as we covered each area. All in all, it was a very good day and I would thoroughly recommend it. I find that Zoom is particularly suited to teaching sessions as the screen sharing allows you to see the steps very clearly - (Christine Swalwells).

Thanks so much for an excellent workshop yesterday, I wasn’t sure how it was going to work doing it remotely but in some ways it was better than face to face. I cannot believe how much ground we covered in a day and I found your teaching style suited me perfectly. I was anxious beforehand as I was a complete novice with Photoshop, however, you explained everything concisely and in a way that was so easy to follow. The regular summaries and keyboard shortcuts were useful too. I learnt so much more than I expected, definitely great value for money and I shall be recommending you to others in the future - (Alison Tubbs).

Thank you so much for a super day. I am feeling very enthusiastic about using these new skills - what fun! I have plenty of time on my hands at the moment so have no excuse whatsoever not to practice. Thank you! - (Sarah Horrocks).

Thank you very much for your fabulous workshop on Composite Photography. The topics covered matched my learning needs. These included work on different methods of selection, merging files to create a single image and adjusting colours etc to match two files so making the combined images look like one. These seemed the most important aspects of the many topics discussed. I now need to practice the skills learned so I become more fluent. After that I plan to book another session to advance my skills further at a later date - (Adrian Newell).