Sharon's results from The 2021 Bristol Salon

Great results for Sharon from the Bristol Salon of Photography 2021 with 11 acceptances and a Bronze Medal for Gypsy Maiden. Here is one of the successful images: The Faerie Queene....

Posted: 25/02/2021


The Zoom-based 1-to-1 workshops with Rob have been running since October, and although advertised as an “Introduction to Composite Photography” training, a significant proportion of people who...

Posted: 13/02/2021


Sharon’s trophies from the Welsh Salon

Recently Sharon received the “Best Print in Salon” and “Best Creative Colour Print” awards from the 2020 Welsh Salon of Photography. These slate trophies look fabulous on our shelves and are...

Posted: 12/02/2021


Rob becomes an Associate of the Welsh Photographic Association

Rob has just gained his Associate of the Welsh Photographic Federation (AWPF) qualification for his panel of 12 prints entitled “The Love of Chocolate”. Over the summer he wanted to push himself...

Posted: 09/12/2020


A busy month for Sharon

November has been a busy month for Sharon. On the 14th of November, she joined Bob Given from Northern Ireland to present a day long Keighley Event for the Yorkshire Photographic Union. Sharon...

Posted: 05/12/2020


The 26th Shrewsbury Open Photography Exhibition

Sharon’s results from the 26th Shrewsbury Open Photography Exhibition were recently published. Sharon achieved 6 acceptances including a PAGB Ribbon for for Gypsy Maiden....

Posted: 24/10/2020